American Plumbing Heating Cooling offers a wide variety of Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) products to enhance your hvac system and improve the overall comfort in your home or office space.  


Digital programmable (setback) thermostats are available for installation on your current heating and cooling system providing energy savings when you're sleeping or away and increase comfort for when you're home.   We offer programmable thermostats that are "wifi" capable as well as thermostats that have the ability to control your indoor air quality additions as well.


If you suffer through the effects of dry winter air, static electricity, and dry skin and sinus conditions then consider a humidifier on your central heating system.  Higher humidity can also make it "feel" warmer in the home, possibly allowing you to set the thermostat back a degree or two. 


Allergy sufferers can cut down on airborne molds, bacteria and other allergens with an Electronic Air Cleaner (EAC) air filtration system.  EAC systems use pre-filters for larger particles, static electricity and collection plates to "zap" smaller airborne particles, and post filters to keep them from traveling to the A/C coil.   Back it all up with an Ultra Violet system.  Molds and Bacteria love damp, cool, and dark places like the evaporator coil within your a/c system.  We install UV treatment systems to prevent mold and bacteria growth on your coils and keep the air you breath clean and fresh.  


If you have or are considering a zoned hvac system, we can help with that too.  Properly designed zone systems allow for independent control of heating and cooling within different spaces or "zones" of the home or office, but still use the same heating and cooling equipment.  Multiple ducts are installed along with motorized dampers and a control board allowing heating or cooling to one or more areas at a time and increasing overall comfort.


Today's homes are built under strict energy guidelines.  They are better sealed and insulated than ever before which is great for energy consumption and keeping heat gain/loss at a minimum, but not so great for the air we breathe.  To extract stale air and gain some fresh healthy air into the home with a minimum of heat gain/loss, consider a ventilation system installed with your heating cooling system.  Heat Recovery Ventilators (HRV) and Energy Recovery Ventilators (ERV) are specially designed systems that connect to the return and supply ducts in your hvac system. Conditioned "stale" air is pulled from the return duct, where the heat is "trapped" within the recovery unit, it then exits the home.  Non conditioned "fresh" air is pulled in from outside where the "trapped" heat is then released and sent to the supply duct within the home.


American Plumbing Heating Cooling promotes and installs quality Honeywell IAQ products and Controls.  Honeywell is an leader in HVAC controls and air quality solutions and offers extended warranties when purchased installed and setup by an HVAC professional.  Call us today for your Indoor Air Quality solutions.


More information on Honeywell IAQ Products here.