Dual Fuel, Hybrid, and Fossil Fuel systems, common names for systems that combine fuel burning furnaces with heat pump equipment.  Dual Fuel systems offer a high level of efficiency as well as a high level of comfort.  If you're considering replacement of your fuel furnace and straight a/c system, or if it's time to replace that worn out air conditioner on your furnace, consider a dual fuel system instead. Heat pump systems are highly efficient, but heat output drops as the outside temps fall leaving them to rely on an auxillary heat source (typically electric back-up). Fuel burning furnaces give a constant output of heat, but sometimes more heat than necessary at moderate outdoor temperatures.  With a dual fuel system, the heatpump will save you money by heating and cooling your home for the majority of the year at a decrease in fuel costs, but allow you to set an outdoor temperature for when the furnace will take over and deliver higher heat output with increased comfort.  Call today to schedule an appointment with an American PHC heating technician.


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