American Plumbing Heating Cooling offers expert Air Conditioner service, repair, replacement and upgrades for home and business owners in the Central Shenandoah Valley including Harrisonburg, Staunton, and Waynesboro as well as their surrounding counties of Rockingham and Augusta.   In order for your A/C system to perform at maximum potential, it must first be properly sized and installed with high attention to detail.  Air conditioning may be installed on your new or current forced air furnace, with an indoor fan coil / air handler unit, or a ductless "mini-split" may compliment an existing boiler or radiant heat system.  In any case, a heat pump system may be worth a look as they not only air condition, but could potentially save some money on heating costs as well and generally only cost a bit more upfront than "air conditioning only" systems.


Air Conditioning system efficiency for comparison purposes is rated using SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Rating).  Higher SEER cooling systems will use less energy to operate than lower rated a/c systems.  All heating and air conditioning systems are rated and certified in the U.S. by an independent lab


Air conditioning systems work much like the refrigerator in your home.  They transfer heat from one location to another, leaving a cooler space behind.  Air conditioners also remove humidity from the space allowing it to "feel" cooler and more comfortable.   Warm humid air is pulled through the return ducts in your home using an indoor blower, the warm humid air passes through an evaporator coil where the heat is absorbed by refrigerant, and moisture is naturally condensed.  Cool, dry air is then pushed to the supply outlets throughout the home.  The moisture collected on the coil is removed via a condensate drain and the absorbed heat is then transferred to the outdoor unit via refrigerant lines where it is finally released into the outdoor air.  


A/C systems rely on proper air flow and proper refrigerant pressures to work at peak performance.  To help ensure proper airflow within your central air conditioning system, its your job to maintain frequent air filter changes, keep supply vents uncovered and open, and to make sure that return grilles are free of obstructions.   Once airflow is verified an American PHC air conditioning technician will verify proper refrigerant levels/pressures.  Contact us to schedule an appointment.