What is priority service?

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Most service companies offer maintenance plans in some form and fashion, but we wanted to offer our service clients a program that not only gave them annual maintenance of their Heating, Cooling, and Plumbing systems, but also a program that rewarded them for being loyal in the first place.   We combined the loyalty rewards and the maintenance plans into one neat package "Priority Service Agreements", or "PSA" for short.   Dispatch fees are cut, after hours rates are cut, repair rates are discounted,  maintenance rates are deeply discounted and agreement holders come first.  Agreements are renewed annually before your initial start date and as long as there isn't a lapse you will pay the same price and have the same level of coverage year after year.

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APHC Priority Service Agreements

  • Schedule Priority

Our PSA members get first pick on the regular schedule, and during peak demand periods they always come first.


  • No Dispatch Fees

Routine dispatch and diagnostic fees are waived on service calls


  • No Emergency or Overtime Rates

PSA Customers pay routine weekly service rates for all services after hours and emergency hours


  • Standard Rate Discounts

Discounted rate schedule on all upfront pricing repairs


  • Equipment Maintenance Included

Priority service agreements INCLUDE your annual or seasonal maintenance visits.


  • Seasonal Visits and Inspections

All PSA plans include inspection visits. Heating and cooling plans are spring and fall, plumbing is annually


  • Flexible Payment Options

Pay upfront in full or in monthly installments with credit card on file


  • Additional Plan and System Discounts

Some homes and businesses have multiple systems, additional systems have discounted pricing.


  • Decrease emergency failures

Most failures can be prevented with seasonal inspections, worn or failing parts can be replaced before they become an emergency event.


  • Increase system efficiency

Routine cleaning and maintenance ensures that your mechanical systems operate at peak efficiency, reducing your operating costs.